Delivery, Refund & Return policy

Delivery, Refund & Return policy

We shall be under no obligation to provide any of the Services to you until we receive full payment of the quoted fee (or, with our agreement, full payment of a non-refundable deposit). No refund will be made once we have commenced providing the Services. All other payments shall be made on or before the agreed due dates for payment. Where we are hosting the products, the Services will not be permitted to operate in a live environment until the initial monthly subscription fee is received by us in full. Payment remains due during any period of suspension or otherwise until such time as you cancel your subscription in accordance with section.

Payments in respect of periods after termination or cancellation of your subscription shall not be refundable.

We use SagePay and other such secure electronic means to manage credit/debit card payments. Upon subscription to our services by this method, you authorise us to take an immediate payment and repeat payments in accordance with the agreed fees. Monthly fees will be taken at the start of each month. Our fees are subject to change upon notice.


Subscriptions are non refundable. Deposits paid on acceptance of the quote are not refundable. The maximum refund available if payment has been made in full will be based on the stage at which cancellation is notified and is subject to a maximum of 50% of the total contract value. Non payments of any amounts at any agreed dates to us will mean that we have the right to suspend any work or provision of service until resolved.