Types Of Magento 2 Products

Products and their Types in Magento 2

Magento 2 not only helps us to manage our store, but it is also flexible with many kinds of products. Magento 2 is even flexible with a custom one that can meet all our needs in business. We can create a configurable product in Magento 2 through many variations. Before creating products, we need to create the categories of the products.

Magento 2 supports six types of products by default. These are:

  1. Simple product
  2. Configurable Product
  3. Grouped Product
  4. Virtual Product
  5. Bundled Product
  6. Downloadable Product

To add a new product in Magento 2 store, see the next chapter. The brief description of these products is given below:

1. Simple Product

A simple product is a physical item without any selectable variations. It is one of the most popular product and the unit of a store. In Magento 2, a simple product is defined by its name, which means this type of product is sold individually, or as a part of configurable, bundled, or grouped products. Simple products have a verity of pricing, but there is no color and size to choose or other options. Every single product has its SKU (Store Keeping Unit) code.

For example – A bag, power bank, cup, or table, etc.

To add a Simple product, click here.

2. Configurable Product

Configurable products are a bit complicated than simple products. Configurable products are a combination of a simple product with other options such as size, color, materials, etc. Each option has a separate SKU that allows the store admin to track the inventory of every product variation.

For Example – Denim full sleeves Jacket is a configurable product because it is available in different colors and sizes.

To add a Configurable product, click here.

3. Grouped Product

A Grouped product is a collection of several simple products or virtual products, which are presented as a group. They share the same characteristics or related to each other, and all are displayed on a single page. Grouped products have no prices, only their children’s products have price. These products can be purchased individually or as a group, e.g., knife set with different sizes.

When you want to promote any product at that time, grouped products work great. So, we can combine the items, which are a compliment for each other. In that case, we motivate the customers to buy multiple products at once.

For example – a furniture set, summer outfit (sunglasses with hats and shorts), and a combo of beauty products (eyeliner with mascara), etc.

While creating grouped products in Magento 2, we have to keep the following things in our mind:

  • The total price of the grouped product should be equal to the sum of individual simple products, included in the group.
  • In spite of being added into a single group, products are presented individually in the shopping cart.
  • We can set the stock availability for the group of products, while inventory has to be managed separately.

To add a Grouped product, click here.

4. Virtual Product

Virtual products are those products, which do not have a physical presence. So, they do not need to shipped, downloaded, or delivered. They are much similar to simple products but without the Weight option. Virtual products are not tangible. They are generally used for products like membership, subscriptions, and warranties. Virtual products can work in association with grouped and bundle products.

For example – Reservation, online course or consulting, insurance, membership, subscription, and tech services, etc. You can offer a two-year warranty to the client, installation service, or VIP membership.

5. Bundled Product

Bundled products are customized products, which include several Simple Products or Virtual Products. Bundled products are the collection of simple products that cannot be sold individually. A bundle product allows the customer “build their own” from an assortment of options. The customers can shape this product using any available options.

A bundled product is also called as “kit” in other e-commerce platforms.

For Example – The bundle can be a gift basket, personal computer, Xbox bundle, Sprite Yoga Companion Kit, which has different items such as – Yoga Brick, Ball, Yoga Strap, and Foam Roller. In that case, customers have to purchase all items in that kit, as they have no choice.

To add a Bundled product, click here.

6. Downloadable Product

Downloadable products are those products, which are available to download, such as E-Books, software, videos, and files, etc. The customer can use these products only after it is downloaded. Before downloading, they can only watch the trailer, sample for testing. The files can reside on your server or can be provided as URLs to any other server.

In short, the products which are available to download are known as downloadable products. They are digitally downloadable products, which allow you to sell digital products.

For Example – A Yoga video for the learners, games, Magento extensions, music files, and software, etc. are the downloadable products.

To add a Downloadable product, click here

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