How to Install Magento SUPEE 10415 With or Without SSH

Magento keeps on releasing various SUPEE patches and version upgrades in order to provide new features and security upgrades. After the launch of Magento 2, Magento has stopped introducing new features but still, it keeps on releasing patches to safeguard stores against potential threats and security attacks.

Magento has come up with new security patch SUPEE 10415 which is the solution for many vulnerable issues like remote code execution, cross-site scripting, and cross-site request forgery issues. Here, we have come up with patch files to install in your Magento and safeguard your store against potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

Take a note here: 
If you have previously applied Magento SUPEE 10266, you can simply upload SUPEE 10415 files on top of it to apply this new version of patch. This will auto-replace all related files.

With nearing of Magento 1 end of life, it is strongly recommended to migrate to the latest Magento 2.3.2 rather than installing Magento SUPEE-10415.

Magento SUPEE 10415 Installation process:

There are two ways you can install Magento SUPEE 10415: with SSH or without SSH. Both methods are mentioned below:

Install Magento SUPEE 10415 using SSH:

You will need SSH, if you don’t know how to set up SSH, contact your hosting provider.
Upload the patch files in the root,
In ssh console, run the command as follows.
For .sh file extension:


For .patch file extension:

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